Tips and Tricks

Internet connection

  • Use a network cable if possible to establish a stable and fast Internet connection.
  • Please stop all downloads, streaming services or similar to ensure a stable Internet connection during the video consultation session.

Lighting conditions

  • Make sure you have favorable lighting conditions. Feel free to turn on your deck lights.
  • Be sure to avoid sitting with your back to a window or other light source.

Eye contact

  • Position yourself clearly visible in front of the camera so that the person you are talking to can see you properly.
  • Don’t just look at the screen, but also into the camera from time to time.


  • Ideally, you’ll be sitting in front of a neutral white wall so that your face is best shown off in contrast.
  • Pay attention to your background. Keep in mind that your therapist or doctor will get a „glimpse“ of your private space.

Background noise

  • Ideally, you should use a headset for the video consultation. This cuts out background noise and makes you easier for your conversation partner to understand.
  • Try to avoid or minimize background noise so that you are not distracted during the video consultation and can talk undisturbed.


  • Make sure that you have saved your documents (e.g. findings, MRI data or X-rays) that you would like to discuss in the video consultation saved on your computer.
  • If parts of the body play a role in the video consultation, prepare to show them if necessary.
  • Think about questions you would like to clarify in advance and write them down.

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