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online video consultation

Doctor and patient can discuss medical concerns just in time and face to face through the use of the online video consultation. 


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quick overview: this is patientus

  • doctor search and scheduling of appointments

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Be one of the first doctors
in all of Europe to participate!


Starting on September 1st, Patientus is open to all licensed physicians. By the day more of your colleagues decide to joing and become a part of the "medicine of tomorrow".


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Do you know a good doctor?
Suggest him/her to us!


Patientus wants to establish the best quality medical consultation possible. Therefore patients can suggest their doctors to us. We will then invote them to participate.


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Patientustele-medicine made in Germany since 2011

Nicolas Schulwitz, shareholder managing director at Patientus GmbH

new possibilities in medicine provided by patientus

Patientus is aiming to lift the modern medicine of today to an entirely new state: patients can consult the doctor of their choice at any given time, face to face, regardless of their current location. We have been striving to achieve that goal since 2011.

The development of the integrated software, which is the basis for the video consultation, has been successfully completed in july 2013. Ever since, the technology has been used by our cooperating doctors for selected doctor-patient communication.

international application

Starting in April 2014 the patientus software will also be used by our partners at Ipso. We will provide the video communication technology, so that Ipso can start implementing their psychological care of people in need in Afghanistan online, thus reaching a much higher number of patients. We are proud to assist in the achievement of this great and much needed cause through our technology. 

„assist the regular appointment - we do not want to replace it!“

Nicolas Schulwitz, shareholder managing director at Patientus GmbH

we look forward to meeting you

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or write us an e-mail using the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. 

We appreciate your interest in 
patientus - online video consultation

Patientus GmbH
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Berlin, Germany

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